How to Choose the Right TEFL Training Course

It’s time to get into the core of things: picking a language course. The process is similar to choosing what show or movie you will binge watch. If you don’t want to melt your mind, you need something that is going to hold you captive and keep you watching. Similar with TEFL training; it’s important to find a program that you can stick to and isn’t going make you miss your old jeans after two weeks. Visit TEFL Courses Durban before reading this.

What’s your best learning style? Online classes might make you sleepy if your learning style is to interact with others and feel the energy of the actual classroom. Then online learning is the way to go. No right or wrong answer here. Just what you like.

We’re now getting down to business. Course length and level. It’s like choosing between two different vacations: a week-long trip to the mountains or a weekend away. While a short course may seem appealing and cost-effective, will it provide you with all the adrenaline rushes and excitement? If you can show that your certificate has at least a 120-hour minimum, employers will appreciate it. It proves to them that you don’t simply skim.

This journey, you’ll need to be your own best friend. Imagine purchasing tickets to a concert only to learn that it’s a cover band. That isn’t what you paid for. Consider courses from ACCET® or other global names. You’ll find that your certificate is more likely to open doors than cause eyebrows.

Are you a kid at heart? Perhaps you prefer business professionals. It is possible to make yourself stand out if you specialize. The world’s greatest apple pie is more important than being known in the town as just another baker.

It is also important to consider where you will be teaching. Have you ever imagined teaching English in Japan, under cherry blossoms or during Spain’s Fiestas? Some courses give you local job searching tips. These can be invaluable to those who are just starting.

It’s time to talk turkey. It’s important to remember that it can be expensive in the long run if you end up missing out on top jobs because of your fluffier course.

Do you want to know what former students think of your course before deciding? These people have walked the path, and they can tell you if it is worth their time.

The perfect TEFL isn’t rocket surgery, it just takes some common sense and some serious soul-searching. Find the sweet spot that balances your budget with what you want to do. You want to go into these classrooms (virtual and not), feeling ready to motivate minds around the world. Then grab your coffee, or even better, your tea and roll them up to start exploring what can launch you in the direction of your next amazing adventure. Together, we can piece together the patchwork quilt that is humanity.

You’ll know it when you see someone in an outrageously chic outfit designed to look like it came from a world-traveling artist that loves Mother Earth just as much they do. Our wardrobes (or boards if you win the lottery) will look like this. We’re going to dress in culture, history and stories because we know that sometimes the most powerful fashion statements are those steeped with stories.

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