Superfoods to Super Fibers: The Green Wave and its Impact on the Food Industry

Oh, hemp cannabis! What a great plant, isn’t it? It’s a bit like having a friend who excels at all things click site. Need strong fibers? Hemp fibers are strong and durable. Want to know more about nutritional seeds? Hemp. Are you looking for something that calms your nerves but doesn’t get you high like a kite. CBD from hemp, hello!

Let’s take an excursion down memory. Hemp was the fabric of choice in times past. Hemp was used for ropes on ships that let explorers travel the seven seas. And even first drafts of The Declaration of Independence. It was actually written on hemp!

Because of THC, hemp was lumped into the marijuana category and given the cold shoulder. The hemp plant is not as potent as the non-alcoholic eggnog your grandmother makes. But it has spent many years in legal trouble.

As we look back, it seems that hemp has taken on a new meaning. It’s like a story from an 80s 80s movie, with laws constantly changing.

What is all this fuss about today? Two words, sustainability and CBD.

As a first point, if Mother Nature were to have a favorite, it would probably be hemp. It is like a green super hero. It is a plant that doesn’t use much water. It does not like pesticides or other chemicals (organic vibes) and it can clean up polluted land (thanks for helping!). It’s also faster growing than my weeds.

CBD! What a compound. This little compound is everywhere, from coffeeshops to your aunt’s Facebook posts about how it helped Fluffy get better sleep or healed her back. Even though science is still doing research on CBD and its effects, many people swear it works to relax them without sending them into cloud nine.

It’s not as easy as it sounds to navigate the green wave. There are laws as confusing as the last Christmas lights. And with everyone from hipsters, to grandmas, jumping onboard this wave of green energy can be like trying to solve a Rubik‚Äôs Cube blindfolded.

Imagine that your local supermarket has an entire section dedicated to hemp. There are hemp products in the form of oils, snacks, creams – and even socks! You buy a CBD bottle to help with your painful knees, but then you stop and think… Is that legal? If I use it, will I crave food?

You can’t grow it yourself. One day you may be dreaming up your sustainable utopia, but the next you will have government officials knocking on the door. Karen down the street thinks you are starting “a drug empire.”

The truth is that while hemp cannabis is a green giant for all the good reasons — from saving the planet by wearing T-shirts to keeping our insides as smooth as my grandpa with his morning prune-juice — it’s still not an easy task.

Just imagine: we’re standing at a crossroads where history and technology meet, our eco-friendly footwear laced tightly to the ankles in order to dive deeper into hemp cannabis. You know what they say: when life gives lemons, add some CBD.

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