Tales & Tails: How to name my eclectic canine crew

Let’s discuss dog names. Meine hunde namen, specifically. It feels like a permanent tattoo because you won’t be changing it every week. It’s been quite a journey for me with the whole naming issue.

Kafka is the first. Be careful not to think I’m a literary snob. The eyes of this dog were filled with a deep, meditative look. It was as though he was wondering why the human would keep calling him to take a bath. Mud suits him just fine. Franz Kafka is not a fancy name; it’s a match for his soul.

Schnitzel came next. The mission has been accomplished if the name makes you laugh. She was an adorable dachshund that loved food like no other creature. The name Schnitzel was also a funny way to refer to her. People at the park would laugh every time.

Enter Tesla. Nikola Tesla was not named for the car. The Australian Shepherd was smarter than me and could power a town. He was an intelligent cookie, or perhaps a biscuit with electric power?

We were then introduced to Pudding, an English Bulldog who had more rolls in his face than a bakery. Sweet as can-be and soft as…well…pudding? His name was perfect, just like his pajamas or a Sunday morning in which he slept.

Odin, for those who enjoy mythology, was an obvious choice for our Great Dane. Odin’s stature was that of a Norse goddess, and his eyes were filled with stories about ancient times. (Or maybe it was just the last sausage he stole from the counter.)

Pixie had a Jack Russell with springs as legs, and was full of energy. Pixie’s name was perfect for her fey-like antics; she would run around with joy, sometimes disappearing into thin air.

Austen quickly joined our team, yes, she was inspired by Jane Austen because…why not? This Golden Retriever brings peace and joy just as settling down to read “Pride and Prejudice”, a quiet afternoon, does.

Echo, a Border Collie genius who is also a vocal mimic, was our last and final dog. It was obvious that his name would be Echo, given his ability to reproduce sounds like doorbells or cat meows.

There you have it – Kafka Schnitzel Tesla Pudding Odin Pixie Austen & Echo… each name in this crazy book tells a different story.

These names were chosen not because they were the most popular, nor did we try to make them stand out. It was all about giving each person a unique name that reflected their personality.

It’s more exciting than fear and less likely to cause tears. Remember that everyone begins somewhere. Usually, it is by saying the word “hello,” incorrectly. Happy learning! The best memories are right there in front of you.

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