The Quirky Journey of Buying A Used Tesla

Oh, it’s the hunt for a Tesla used car! This is like searching for treasures in the 21st century, minus a map or an old man with a parakeet on his shoulders telling you where X mark the spot ONLY USED TESLA. You can use the internet to learn about cars and even ask your friend who once changed a tyre in a lot.

Let’s talk about the models first. Model S – the “granddaddy” of all the models. Like a dependable older cousin with a great sense of humor and swagger, but who also knows how live. Model 3 – oh, boy, this would be a cool friend of yours who knows where to hang out. Model X or Model 3? The Model X is the eccentric aunt that brings weird and awesome gifts to all family gatherings. Model Y – this is the newest kid in town that everyone wants a friend with.

You can’t simply choose your favorite color and decide if you like leather seats to dive into this world of electric dreams. No, it’s not as simple as picking your favorite color or deciding if you want leather seats. Teslas have become smartphones on the road. Yesterday, did you buy a vehicle? Surprise! You could wake up with new features tomorrow thanks to updates that are sent over the air. It’s like finding out your phone can take better selfies when you wake up.

Now, here’s what you need to know – the battery health. Imagine: You are looking at an awesome ride which claims to last for miles. But batteries can become tired just like we do after trying to follow online workout videos. They might not last as long after years of playing the road trip roulette.

Tesla owners have their own breed. If you join any car forum, it’s as if you were in Narnia. Got a question? Somebody ten hours away will have the answer to your question at 2 AM. Because sleep is apparently not necessary when discussing potential range losses on cold, snowy days.

Consider purchasing directly from Tesla. You might pay more for a Tesla directly than you would through Craigslist, but they will inspect it just as my mom checked my room when I was 15, looking for dirty laundry.

Financing is an adventure. It’s a lot like trying not to understand why people say “pair pants” for merely one item. Rates are all over the map so make sure you shop around to find the best deal.

And insurance? Oh boy! Even the mention of “Tesla” seems to be enough for insurance companies, who immediately start raising their rates.

When you finally get that used Tesla in your possession, it is like joining an exclusive group without needing to do a secret shake (although that would also be cool). Even going to buy milk becomes an event.

The adventure of buying a Tesla used is full twists and turns, but totally worthwhile if you choose the right cards. Don’t forget: each mile in your electric chariot represents another “I said so” moment. When people doubted you, you were able to join the EV renaissance without breaking the banks. Seattle is a city where anything can happen – including sunshine. Rain City’s residents are the only ones who can lead you safely, with a sense of humor and even some skill through this journey.

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