Beach House Blues : Winning Against Sand, Salt, and Humidity.

Here’s how to maintain your North Shore carpets. Keep in mind that if your home is near a seaside, it will be more difficult to keep the floors looking good. You’re not only fighting against the odd dog track or wine stain. This is a battle against salt, sand, and humidity. Read more?

Firstly, living at the beach is more difficult for your vacuum. Imagine that you could bring the beach into your house every single day. Sand is like small knives that cut into your carpet fibres each time you move. Also, there’s salt air. You can use it for surfboards or sea shanties, but your home’s floor will not be as fuzzy.

Moisture from the sea air can get into carpets. When left unchecked this moisture can make your floor a perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew. When you have a family movie night, you don’t exactly want mold and mildew on your floor.

What’s the best thing a North Shore occupant can do? Start by vacuuming thoroughly. It’s your first line defense to the coming sandstorm. You can never get all the dirt out of your home with a vacuum.

Carpet cleaners will come to the rescue. There are dozens of gadgets available. Twenty! It’s not just a joke.

Wait before you assume that your bank balance is going to be in the dumps. You might think hiring professionals is an extravagant expense but consider it as an investment to ensure the long-term health of your carpets, and avoid any unwanted allergies.

Also, green cleaning has totally become popular. Companies are turning away from toxic chemicals and embracing eco-friendly products. You’ll be happy to hear this if there are kids or animals on your property.

The “just-cleaned look” and feeling underfoot is one of the greatest benefits. Like a mini makeover for your home without spending hours over paint swatches.

Although our North Shore backyard is beachy, it does make cleaning the carpets a bit more difficult. The task is not impossible with regular cleaning and the help of a few extra hands.

Don’t forget to vacuum your floors regularly. It will save you from having to replace them sooner than expected! Maintaining clean floors is worth it (and more). The Northern Beaches mean that sand can find its way everywhere, except for your tightly-sealed jars filled with frustration from dirty carpets. It’s okay to enjoy those muddy footprints and messed up snacks, because you will always find someone willing to assist in keeping your sweet home that way.

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