Finding Your Perfect Motorcycle Vest

It’s the hunt for the best brown leather biker vest. This is like looking for a pin in a stack of haystacks, but with more attitude. Imagine zooming through the city with wind in your hair and that wonderful smell of freedom combined with a touch of real leather. This sounds like a pretty amazing experience, don’t you think? It’s half the battle to just get there.

What makes a leather vest great? Not just any leather will do. Quality is the goal. You know that old pair of boot that has lasted for many years? That is the type of quality we’re looking for.

Leather is still the best material. As with fine wines, the patina and creases tell stories of previous rides. All leathers are not created equal. You’ve got your cowhide, buffalo… even lambskin if you’re feeling fancy. They all have their own unique look and feel.

Craftsmanship? Absolutely essential. You want zippers you can count on when trying to impress others with your ability to dress up and down quickly. The little details, like the snap closures and laced garments? You want them to be ready because nobody enjoys an outfit malfunction while driving at 60 mph.

The customization is what makes it personal. You can’t simply wear something, you have to make it unique. It doesn’t matter if you use patches to represent all the places you’ve traveled or a wild piece of embroidery that says “I’m different,” now is your time to fly your freak flag.

Design options are endless – everything from simple black designs that will make you seem like a wanderer, to vibrant vests with colors so bright they would shame a peacock. And ladies, fear not! No more swimming with oversized vests for men. Many options are available that will fit your body in all of the right places while still looking badass.

You can’t just forget safety. A vest, I hear you say. Safe?” I’ll tell you what – there are some very clever people who have discovered how to put armor pockets inside these badboys without destroying the feel.

With so many choices, how can you decide which one is best? What matters is what makes you comfortable. But keep in mind that some vests will cost as much as my first bike.

Schott NYC has been around forever, and they know what they’re doing. Roland Sands Design offers a stylish, modern look that is still cool and old school. Vanson Leathers offers custom-made leather products, though you may have to prepare yourself for some shock therapy.

If you want to get the best leather motorcycle vest for yourself, it is less important that you find “the one”, but more so finding “yours”. You should look for something that you can feel comfortable in.

You can always think of the amazing selfies that you will take when wearing your new gear. You’re all set to make a lot of money! Then follow the tips above, visit some shops or search online for that vest that shouts out “This Is Me!”