The Perfect Motorcycle Vest For The Open Road

Let’s get back to basics. You are here because you want to travel and have a black leather biker jacket that has a roaring motor. Leather motorcycle vests can be the perfect gear before revving up your engine to take off. What’s your thought process? “A vest?” Why don’t focus on your bicycle? You’re absolutely right, my friend. Your vest isn’t another piece of clothing. Your second skin is your asphalt.

Let’s first discuss leather types. Two types of leather are worth knowing: cowhide and calfskin. Cowhide on the other hand is extremely durable. It will continue to function even after being abused. Buffalo leather? The leather is tougher and has a more rugged surface. Both models offer drivers the confidence to drive.

The vests that are available today do not have the same quality. Things get really hot during the tanning procedure. Vegetable tanning leather is like fine wine, it gets better every mile. Chrome-tanned leather has a wider range of colors and is soft out of box.

The design features of the vest are important. A good vest is more than a pretty thing. The vest also performs well. You can adjust the sides to suit the conditions. Also pockets? Don’t even get me started! More pockets equals more snacks, tools or treasures.

Customization is a great tool to express your personality, whether you ride with friends or by yourself. The canvas leather in black is the perfect place to add patches and buttons.

Always remember safety! While some vests do not come with armor like futuristic knight gear or other styles, there are still options that combine old-school style with shield action.

It’s not necessary to follow what other people say is the best motorcycle vest when choosing it. Find something that matches your own style and needs. Finding a leather motorcycle jacket that feels good is important.

You can’t just shop for a leather motorcycle shirt if you want to ride at night, through deserts, or down city streets with only neon dreams and stars as illumination. You will embark on a journey to find something as timeless and fearless as riding.